The Pink Line Hair

Brazilian Curly


Our Brazilian Curly hair has soft, thick strands, a natural luster, and a tight coil.

The Pink Line is 100% Virgin hair that is of the highest quality. 

The Pink Line hair is very versatile and can be treated like your own. It has minimal shedding and can be cut, colored, and styled just like your natural hair. The Pink Line texture and luster will stay soft and shiny with proper hair care and install by a licensed professional. 

* Please note that some normal hair shedding will take place, but no bunching, nesting, or tangling should occur. Also, hair texture/ softness can change due to harsh chemical processing. The Pink Line hair can last up to a year or longer with proper hair care. Please refer to our haircare instructions to be sure you are properly caring for your hair.

Number of Bundles recommended for a full head: 
12”-16” : 2-3 Bundles 
18”- 24”: 3-4 Bundles 
26”- 30”: 4+  Bundles 

All Bundles are priced and sold individually.

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